Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Blog!

Hello everyone! I wanted to let all the people who currently subscribe to this blog that we are moving! We have a new blog that you can find and subscribe to at So from now on you can find us there. We made the switch because while our life is still deeply rooted and grounded in adoption we also want to be able to share our daily lives with you as well and this new blog seemed a better way to convey all of that in one. We would love the privilege of sharing our journey through life with you! Love and blessings, Carrie and the gang Here are the cutest members of the gang these days...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

What keeps me going...

On the days that seem to last forever, when all I can smell is spit up and poop, when everyone is crying including me :o), when they get out of bed for the fifth time, when no one naps, and the house is a mess and I haven't showered and it's dinner time (can you tell what kind of day I had!) the thing that keeps me going is remembering that Jesus came to make disciples.

I think it is something we overlook, at least I do. I get caught up in feeling guilty about all the "christian stuff" I am supposed to be doing and totally miss the opportunity of a lifetime. I have 3 little disciples at my feet pretty much 24 hours a day. I have an opportunity to do just what my savior spent His entire earthly life doing, making disciples.

In today's culture it's easy to think that Jesus came to build a mega church but he didn't. He could have done anything (start programs, assemble the masses, build incredible houses of worship, lead worship services to honor himself), but out of everything He choose 12 ordinary nobodies and poured His life into them. He wasn't satisfied to just meet with them once a week or twice a month, no He told them to follow him, live with him, eat with him, cry with him.

Isn't that where we find ourselves as moms as parents? With little ones (or big ones) that live with us, and follow us (sometimes literally everywhere we go). If we could see past the title of mom and the annoyance of the ordinary everyday trials of meals, and clean clothes, and activities we would see the real opportunity. We can make disciples that are eternal and that change the world. And not only that, but we can worship the Lord while we are at it.

I learned something when my first born was just a few months old that changed my whole perspective on mothering. In fact this one simple thing was what really made me passionate about staying at home and raising a family. It may sound silly, but while in a bible study, a more seasoned mother showed me that changing a diaper is just as worshipful as singing a praise song on Sunday in church, in fact it may be even more meaningful to the heart of our Father. So many times I miss those simple acts as opportunities to offer Him worship, to do it unto Him and for His glory.
If we as moms can really get a hold of that truth, that we are literally sitting on a treasure trove of praise and worship opportunities everyday, I am pretty sure our homes would look different and that our families would shine in a way that people would see Him. And if nothing else we would get through those really hard days with a purpose and a plan for the next.

Of course I can't close with out a few new pictures of those little guys that follow me everywhere!

Friday, May 27, 2011

What adoption should be

I have a fire burning again in me that has been quenched for several months now. To be honest I have allowed the grief and struggle of fighting for our son to exhaust the passion in me for adoption. I have ceased to see the beauty amidst the heartache of my own circumstances.
But last night I held little Isiah White, the first adoption that my husband and i were privileged to be a part of from the first prayer to the final glorious day that they held their new baby in their arms. We have watched as God has moved, changed hearts, made a way, been their encourager, and pushed them in spite of obstacles that seemed insurmountable. And once again I am reminded that this is HIS PLAN. His glorious, hard, self sacrificing, awe inspiring plan to save His children one heartbeat at a time. This is His work, the nitty gritty of being a savior, that he has intrusted to us on this earth to walk out.
So as I was in the shower today god dropped this into my heart...

Adoption was never intended to be a plan b or something resorted to. But instead, it should be an intentional pursuit into heart of God toward the child that he has ordained to be yours since the beginning of time.

These past weeks I have just had this fire burning in me about this. So, in love, I say I am just tired of hearing the body of Christ say that they will adopt (fill in the blank)... Later, after they have one of their own children, when they have more money, after a few rounds of fertility treatments, when their is no other option, etc etc. I know I am getting touchy here, but lets get real. We did the same thing. We thought well, we will have our children and then we will adopt. I am so thankful that soon after we had Caleb the Lord got a hold of us and impressed upon our hearts that adoption was not only His priority, but needed to become ours. Not that he wouldn't give us other children form our womb or that biological children aren't amazing gifts, but just that children from our wombs are not "the better way". That is when we stopped "trying" for another baby from our bodies and set out on the pursuit of adoption. The point is that no matter where you are, 5 kids, 3 kids, no kids, adoption can become as important to us as it is to the heart of our father.
I can't tell you how thankful I am that our family decided to vear off the normal course and make our lives about the adoption of God's precious children. I knew in my heart that if we waited any longer i would not only be going against the Lord's best, but that in the end I would be too old and too tired to give adoption my all. This journey requires a lot and to be honest the only reason we have made it this far is by the grace of God. It has required everything we have and then some. It has honed our faith, grown us up, and made us to be brave despite our kicking and screaming. It is an awesome journey that the body of Christ should make top priority. We are the ones to make the dent in the 147 million orphans worldwide. We are the called ones.

Jesus' plan to change the world forever and establish His worldwide kingdom started with only 12 men. Think about that, we are hear because of what He did through those 12. What more can He do through us if each one in His body starts with one child. Each one for one, talk about changing the world...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Coming Out...

Ok, so today I am coming out of hiding. I have not blogged in FOREVER and although this is mainly due to the fact that our life is CRAZY right now, it is also me not really wanting to be real about where we are and what all we are going through.
God prompted me this morning to come back and come out. Not sure why, but here I am and as He allows I will share our lives in hopes that He will use it for His glory as only He can.
So let me update you real quick on what is going on around our house these days:

*First off, I'm Pregnant! I am about 20 weeks pregnant to be exact and we are expecting a baby boy sometime early October. This baby was all God's idea and so we rejoice with Him over another little life in our family!

*Joshua is now 6.5 months old and is a absolute delight. Everyone has adjusted well to baby brother and he is just so good. Hard to believe that he was ever 4lbs. He is rolly polly and snuggly. He is full of love and smiles and LOVES his big bubba and sissy. Every time Caleb walks into the room Joshua just giggles and refuses to take his eyes off of him.

*Mazie Grace is now 2 and a silly ball of fire who is INTO EVERYTHING! She has attitude like no one else and can put on quite a dramatic show depending on her changing mood. This mama is getting some good lessons in on raising little princesses, and boy do I have a lot to learn! She continues to keep us on our toes, but brings so much love and laughter to our family, we could never live without her!

*One of the tougher things to share is that we have been in a custody battle over Joshua going on several months now. 3 days before his adoption was to be finalized in court his birth mother changed her mind and found a pro-bono lawyer to take us to court. We are currently in the deposition process and are praying fervently that this battle will come to a swift end soon. This has been the hardest thing I (or any of us) for that matter has gone through. We love our son with all our heart and believe that the Lord has given him to us forever. But walking out the process of defending the truth, is a long lonely walk that I would never wish on any adoptive parent. Of course as in all trials the Lord is using it to transform us, me in particular- more on that to come I am sure.

* As for my sweet Caleb he is now 4 and a joy to our hearts. Strong willed as ever, but smart, sweet, and full of life. We have begun a little schooling at home this past month and he is learning his alphabet, how to trace letters and shapes, and beginning to learn how to write his name. Our plan is to start an actual curriculum with him next year.

So that is our update. I am hanging in there, although this pregnancy has left me feeling really sick and tired I am trying to hold onto these days with my little guys. It is not easy and I am still wondering when #4 rolls around and Joshua is not quite a year how we will all do it with 4, 4 and under. But then I come back to today and put tomorrow out of mind completely. That is one gift this season has brought. I have been forced to live in today only. Today is all I have and it will take all I have to get through it. His grace is sufficient in it, Amen and Hallelujah!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Depraved Indifference

I am not one to post videos very often, but this is a must see. It is a few minutes long but the best few minutes you may spend this week. My prayer is that it hits you in the heart, and you don't ever forget this message. We are His body, this is our call...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Miracle of Joshua Peter

It has been one and a half weeks since we brought our son home. I am still bleary eyed from lack of sleep and trying to figure out how to raise three children age three and under and keep my sanity(um not sure that is possible at this point), but I wanted to take a miute to share the story of our precious boy.

As you may have seen from the title of the post, we are naming him Joshua Peter. Peter is the name given to him by his birth mama, and Joshua given by us. We will call him Joshua Peter and several folks are already calling him J.P.
Although some of the details of his arrival we will keep private for him, what is most amazing is that he is fully African but a US citizen because he was born here. He was made by the Lord in Tanzania, and we know his birth mama is Congolese. He was flown across the ocean in the womb of his birth mama all the way to Jacksonville. Now for those who don't know what that flight is like from Africa to here, let me tell you, it is LONG! To think God hand picked this precious boy from out of the middle of Africa and flew him thousands of miles across an ocean to have him born in Jacksonville, so his mama and daddy could bring him home just days later is unbelievable! We were sure we would have endured that plane trip before we met our next little one, but to think God brought him to us just puts a smile on our face. What a God we serve!

Anyway, we were able to visit him in the hospital on his second day of life. We visited with his whole family and I held him and changed his diaper. At that point we didn't know he was ours, we were just making ourselves available to help love and minister to the family as a whole. It took a week and a lot of people rallying around this little one (and his family), praying for him, caring for him, and asking the Lord to place in the right place. We feared he would become another statistic in the state's system, but the Lord knew better and miraculously moved on his behalf. We received a surprise phone call at about 3 o'clock in the afternoon on November 15th that we had a son and needed to come pick him up! And so I called my husband, told him to leave work and drive downtown, woke up my napping children, threw them in the car, and went to pick him up!

Our lives have been turned inside out and upsdie down since that day, but we are so thankful! Caleb and MG LOVE their new brother, and they are both so sweet with him! Another miracle is that we have had NO PROBLEMS thus far with jealousy or anger toward the new baby! It is precious to have this newborn time to bond with him, and it took me about 2 seconds to fall in love with his 5 lb little self! Although I will admit that I am struggling because he is having major gas problems and is fussy and mainly awake all night long. At the most he sleeps for 2 hour stretches, but last night it was more like 20 minute stretches(of course he sleeps great during the day as you can see from the pictures!). I am praying for growth and health, and MORE SLEEP!!!!
What a sweet and unexpected blessing he is to our family! We are still getting some health screenings done and trying to get him all settled, but he fits in beautifully and is more than we could have ever dreamed.
We love you Joshua Peter, you are a treasure from the Lord and He is going to use your life in a mighty way!

And just so you can see those big beautiful peepers actually awake one last picture...